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Orlando, Fl

October 16, 2013


Ok so this is my favorite band ever. And I was able to get THIS close to them.
The whole night I had been shoved around, pushed up against people I didn’t know, and suddenly becoming claustrophobic.
But when they came on stage, NOTHING else mattered.

This was my fourth time seeing them in concert, first time in the pit.
Nothing beats the thrill that shot up my spine as they first came out.
Or the chills I continued to get afterwards.

That’s the thing with being a fan of something. It doesn’t matter what’s occurring in your life, or the situation you’re in. What you love is a reprieve, or it at least makes everything tolerable. I know it’s not that great a comparison to some more serious situations, but it’s why I can’t EVER TRULY make fun of anyone that’s a fan of something. I don’t know their situation, and i don’t know how much what they are a fan of changed their life, be it a celebrity, singer, tv show, etc.

So be kind to those who are fans of something, even if you’re not a fan. No one deserves to be made fun of for loving something so much.

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